Where Are They Now?

Jacey Carnegie, 2013 Grad!

After leaving Saint. Joseph, Jacey was blessed to be able to continue her education at Queen’s University. Majoring in Psychology, and on her fourth year of studies. Taking advantages of the incredible business program by taking an additional Certificate in Business to build on the skills that she wants.

Within the school year, a 16 month internship working at Queen’s University with the Center for Teaching and Learning and ITServices was offered to her and she was able to have the opportunity to take part in it. Being truly grateful for her position as  a Project Manager, as the amount of work experience that she has, has gone up drastically and as well made a number of connections with Faculty and Staff at the university.

Jacey is very pleased with picking St. Joes, Jacey says ” My experiences at St.Joseph’s have played a huge role in shaping who I am today, and how far I have come. For that, I am very thankful.”

Myles Songolo, Graduate of 2012

Myles Songolo, 2012 graduate! Myles wants to be a software-developer and/or being employed. Myles applied to Carleton for computer science, Ryerson for aerospace engineering & computer science, Windsor for computer science, and Waterloo for computer science and astronomy.

Myles got accepted to all except computer science at Waterloo. Myles chose Ryerson’s computer science program which is a 5 year course and he is on his 4th year at the moment. He is hoping to work where he completed some of his co-op terms. 

So back in 2012, Myles thought of SJHS as a small school which made it a better learning environment in his opinion, he enjoyed all of his teachers from SJHS. 

“It also allows for more chances for one-on-one feedback from teachers which is great!”, Myles said.

Myles participated in many activities like soccer, basketball and reach, student council, and he was a stage hand in the yearly musical on his last year at SJHS. 

How did SJHS help you get to where you are now?

 “Provided me with a solid foundation of academic and non-academic skills for which further develop and specialize in University”.

A combination of good teaching and support from Myles’ teachers and self-motivation helped Myles succeed the most in high school.

Myles’ interests when he was in high school were art, soccer, reading, and video games. Myles now has an interest for long-boarding, writing/self-publishing, the gym, art, and video games. 

A friend of Myles took a similar program Myles took at Carlton introduced Myles to coding and that is one of the reasons why Myles decided to take the computer science program at Waterloo.

Shannon Charbonneau, 2013 Graduate!

After Shannon completed two years at Brock University, she realized it wasn’t  the right program for her, she decided to transfer to uOttawa where she is now on her way to complete her fourth year. During her last four years in University she has grown to understand the important of maintaining  balance. Learning this is very helpful as it is teaching her to not only stay focused on her studies but to create time for things that makes her happy. Participating in intramural sports and volunteer committees throughout the school year, as well as spend lots of time with friends and family, is some of the ways that she enjoys to spend her free time. Shannon is currently studying Digital Journalism, and hoping that she will get the chance to work in media after she graduates!

When Shannon was asked about her experience here at Saint. Joes, she only had great words to speak about the school. “My experiences in classes and sports at SJHS definitely provided a very solid foundation to find success at post-secondary school.” Shannon also has some really good advice to students, she feels strongly that every  student to get involved and put yourself out there. “High school is the perfect time to develop amazing leadership and cooperation skills to carry with you the rest of your life. Success comes to those who work for it!”


Brett Solar, hoping to become a police officer!

Brett Solar is wanting to be a police officer in a rural area once he finishes his 4-year course of Criminology in Carleton University in which he applied to including Nippissing University, Algonquin College, and Candadore College which he got accepted to all! Brett is in his first year of criminology.

 Brett plays guitar now but he wished he had started playing while at SJHS so he could have the chance of playing at the coffee house, in which he graduated from in 2015. 
Brett graduated in 2015 but came back for another year. 

“The teachers were great, students were friendly… it was a great experience” Brett said, talking about the past in SJHS. Brett participated in discus in his first year of SJHS, but hadn’t participated in anything else after that. Brett decided to set his career to be a police officer when an OPP officer visited SJHS to do a presentation on careers in law enforcement and during the presentation Brett was determined to be a police officer. 

Brett said he owed everything to SJHS because of so many things like when the teachers prepared Brett for university note-taking and paper-writing.

Brett worked on a dairy farm during his time in high school which was a good experience for him. Brett’s interests while at SJHS were movies, video games, euchre, and partying. 

“Nearly everyday at lunch, we would sit down and play a few games of euchre. We got REALLY good”, Brett said.

Brett Solar is still in Carleton University starting his course of Criminology hoping to be a police officer one day.

Brady Ring, 2011 Graduate pursuing his dream to become a Chirpractor!

Brady Ring, who graduated from SJHS in 2011 is wanting to be a chiropractor with his own business. Brady applied to Ottawa U and Brock for physical education, but received a baseball scholarship to school in Pennsylvania, United States. 

Brady graduated last May with a BA in history/political science which was a 4 year undergrad degree. Brady came back to Canada pursuing a BSC degree in Kinesiology at Brock University for one year, however it technically would be his second year. Brady’s hobbies right now include readying, playing guitar, and exercising. 

While Brady was in SJHS, he participated in volleyball, badminton, and soccer. Brady loved his exercise science class, he enjoyed it so much that he took it twice in his 5th year! Mr. Valliquette was Brady’s all-time favourite teacher because he viewed Mr. Valliquette as a role model.

In high school, Brady’s interests were going to the gym and taking a nap when he got home, Brady also worked at a Tim Hortons while in high school. 

“Looking back, SJHS opened up my interest and love for health sciences”, Brady said.

Brady is still at Brock right now and is pursuing his dream to become a chiropractor.

NICK MOSCO, On the right path. 

Nick Mosco, who graduated from SJHS in 2011,  took Honours Bachelors of science in Human Kinetics in Guelph for his undergrad. Nick also applied to Western, Brock, Queens, and U Ottawa. Nick wants to be a physiotherapist in Ottawa.

Nick liked the fact of SJHS seeming like a small school atmosphere and loved all the great sport activities in which he participated in all of them!! Nick’s favourite teacher was Mrs. O’Brien, because she had the most enthusiasm and excitement when she was teaching. Mr. Valliquette had helped Nick achieve the most in school. SJHS gave Nick the basics he needed to excel in the university environment.  

Nick enjoyed sports and anatomy when he was in school and he still enjoys sports now and likes to work out and hang with friends.  While Nick was attending SJHS, he worked at NoFrills in the grocery department. 

 “Life is pretty awesome”, Nick said. 

“I have just started my masters of Physical Therapy at Western University. I am in my first two years there”, Nick said. 

Nick is wanting to become a physiotherapist and hasn’t changed as much, what had happened at SJHS and his interests like sports had helped him decide to become a physiotherapist in Ottawa. 

Emma Crozier, SJHS Graduate 2016, Student Council of last year. 

Emma Crozier, a graduate of 2016, who was apart of student council last year, is now majoring in International Communications at York University. 

Emma applied to Carleton, Brock, York, UOIT, and St. Thomas, in which she got accepted to all.  Emma’s program is 4-5 years long and she is currently in her first year. 

“I don’t have a specific career in mind, but I plan on entering the business world after graduating. Probably in print or advertising”, Emma said. 

Emma loved everything about SJHS, she had an incredible experience throughout her time at SJHS. Emma got involved in a lot of sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. Emma would say she adores Mrs. Pender, Mr. Rowat, and Mr. McMahon. Emma thought of Mrs. Pender as an incredible support system and taught Emma many things inside and outside of the classroom that she valued. 

“Mr. Rowat is a fantastic, dedicated teacher who has provided me with all kinds of knowledge that is helpful in university”, Emma said.

Mr. Mahon is one of Emma’s coaches who she thought of him as the best coach ever.
SJHS helped Emma shape her into the person she is today because she learned to be driven, confident, and that if you apply yourself and get involved you can set yourself up for good experiences. Student council absolutely helped Emma find a personal voice, to work as a team, and encouraged Emma to be creative in her own way.

While Emma was in SJHS, she loved sports, photography, travelling, reading, and meeting new people. Emma doesn’t have a specific career set but she’s leading down the path of business. Emma had mentioned her life is exciting and busy at the moment and she is currently in a whirlwind of midterms, papers, buses, and coffee. 

Julie Mahusky, 2000 Graduate!

15033749_10154578666055242_195167324_nAfter Julie spent five wonderful yeas at St. Joes, she decide to go off to Nipissing University to take Criminal Justice. Spending four years there and able to graduate with honours from the Criminology stream. Julie worked a bit in her field spending three years as a loss prevention officer, but soon after she had the urge to travel and decide to move to New Zealand. May 2010 she took a flight and was off.

“While in New Zealand I traveled throughout the country, I worked throughout the country and I was even in a 7.1 earthquake plus about 3500 aftershocks.” Julie said.

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Shelby Rougier, Performer, SJHS Graduate 2013!!

Shelby Rougier, a graduate of 2013, really enjoyed music and drama class in which brought her to the conclusion that she wanted to be a performer in the valley area since her family lives in the valley. Theresa, a janitor, was the one who convinced Shelby into going to school for Performing Arts. Shelby worked as a secretary and a manager of a clothing store when she was in high school. 

Shelby was apart of the musicals, Jazz Band, Blues Guys, the school choir, Reach for The Top, spirit committee, Environmental Action Committee, prom committee, and the drama productions when she was in drama class. 

Shelby applied to St. Lawrence College, Sheridan College, and St. Clair College. She had to audition to possibly get accepted into St. Lawrence and St. Clair, but she was accepted to Sheridan right away so that was her first choice. Shelby took Performing Arts Preparation, which is a one-year certificate program. Shelby graduated from Sheridan in 2014. 
Shelby is working at Pet Valu right now. She didn’t expect to work there after graduating from college. 

“But the fact that I get paid to pet people’s dogs is super cool!”, Shelby said.

Shelby is possibly coming to SJHS to volunteer with the production this spring.

Shelby’s favourite teachers from SJHS were Mrs. Vice, Mr. DeBruyn, Mr. McSheffrey, and the rest of the drama teachers. Shelby loved being in Mrs. St. Lois’s calculus class and enjoyed being in Mr. Jones class.

Every teacher of music, drama, and art had inspired Shelby, she wouldn’t have had the passion to become a performer if it weren’t for them.

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today without SJHS. The staff, the students, the opportunities the school gave me… I would be a totally different person”, Shelby said. 

Shelby has many hobbies now like performing, reading, and writing. Shelby was in a show not long ago and is hoping to be in one this spring. Life is good for Shelby right now, it may not be what she expected but it’s good. Shelby has been a successful student and been full of joy and loved from many of her close teachers! Shelby is enjoying life and might be back in the spring to help with the SJHS Production.

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