Kathleen Carty is a 2017 graduate from SJHS currently attending Trent University where she is majoring in social work. She plans on aiming her focus on medical social work with a specialization in diabetes education.

Carty revealed that what she enjoyed the most while attending St. Joe’s was the inclusive atmosphere. “Ever since I started at St Joe’s in my grade eight year, I knew I wanted to get involved. So I started with something I was passionate and knowledgeable about, which was music. In grade eight alone I was in the school’s production of “The Sound of Music” and was as well in the choir! It was such a wonderful way to get my high school career started.”

Among the resources Carty credits for her successes are the supportive staff at SJHS. “They helped me plan courses, and find what I’m interested in and passionate about!” She explained. “I utilized my time at SJHS wisely and do not regret that in the slightest! I also had meetings with student services for some academic advising in terms of where I should go and what makes the most sense for my future.”

Some of Kathleen’s favourite classes included music and drama, two things she is incredibly passionate about. Carty has also participated in several plays, including Godspell and Sherlock Holmes.

Through her experience at St. Joe’s and at university, Carty was able to share some valuable pieces of advice for others going through similar experiences. “Organization is so very important! But in terms of moving onto post-secondary education, follow what drives you! Don’t go to place A or place B because that’s where your friends all ventured off to. Be happy and explore new things and remember that SJHS is always a place to come back to.”

“You are a group of youth which is so strong, independent, and powerful, and it’s moving! But one thing I always told myself, and continue to tell myself, is that when times get hard, it’s okay! God doesn’t give you more you can handle and those are some powerful words to live by. Honestly you do you, and you will make it out just fine!”