Ryan Bilson who now works for Brookfield Renewable controlling Hydro and Wind generators was a guy who graduated from SJHS in 2012. The program was a 3-year program for Algonquin College Electrical Engineering Technology in which he finished last April. Ryan worked with Hydro One for a summer co-op in college. When Ryan was in SJHS, Auto Tech and Construction Tech helped him out for real life problems. 

Mr. Charkavi and Mr. Lunny were Ryan’s favourite teachers because “they had real field experience in the work force and they were able to teach me how to build a house and build a car from the ground up”, Ryan said. 

Many people from high school had helped Ryan out like Mr. Lunnex, Mr. Charkavi, Mr. Skelhorn, etc. When Ryan was in high school he as very interest in many things like auto tech, construction, biking, and hockey. He is still interested in auto tech, construction, biking, hockey, and now he likes volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and parties. 

“Life is great, have an awesome job, and saving up for a house”, Ryan said. 

Here’s tip for the students from Ryan:

“Before selecting a University or college, make sure jobs are available, don’t waste money on something you love but there’s not jobs for. Also college is a lot less stressful and a lot more fun than some teachers may tell you”.