Rebecca MacLaren is in her 4th and final year of BScN (nursing) program in Trent University. Rebecca will be certified as a registered nurse once she writes her NCLEX after she graduates from her last year at Trent. 

Rebecca applied to Nipissing, Trent, and Loyalist College for nursing. She had gotten accepted to all! She did accept an offer at Loyalist but quickly switched over to Trent last minute! While she is finishing her last year, she plays competitive volleyball and recreational basketball and much more! 

Rebecca graduated in 2013 from SJHS. She had brought up the nice small sized classes especially math and science, she loved the small classes and how the teachers genuinely care about a students success.

Rebecca participated in many sport teams like basketball and volleyball, she also was apart of the Dominican Republic Experience team. Mrs. Turcotte was her ALL-TIME favourite teacher because “she was always available to help, had interesting projects and I found when I came to university for nursing I was better prepared for sciences classes than a lot of other students”, Rebecca said. 

“Dominican Republic experience through the school was what pushed me towards nursing”, Rebecca said.

Rebecca mentioned that SJHS and the amazing staff who were all supportive of her through the high school helped her to get to where she is at now, especially when her dad wasn’t well in her 5th year at SJHS, staff and friends were there for her.

All the coaches at SJHS helped Rebecca build strong work ethic and time management skills that she still uses all the time. In school, Rebecca was mostly into sports and not much has changed about that. 

Rebecca is doing her pre-consolation placement at a hospital in Lindsay, Rebecca is working one-on-one with a nurse on the stroke/rehab floor. She is starting to prepare for exams and start final papers and projects that are due in the next couple weeks. 

Rebecca is on the right