Starting her post secondary career at the University of Guelph right after graduating , Taylor decided at the end of her 2nd year she transferred to the University of Toronto, in Toronto she is learning what it is like to live in the big city. Taylor is currently double- majoring in Sociology and Criminal Justice Socio-Legal studies.

” I think one of the key components to my success is something that I learned from my time in high school, and that’s the importance of forging relationships with my teachers and TA’s, using them as invaluable resources to aid me in getting the most out of my education.”  All of the leadership skills that she has learnt from being apart of Student Council helped her to adapted to her new surroundings and helped her grow as a student and making her a very independent young adult.

This coming summer, Taylor will be writing her Law School Admission Test, and next fall she will be applying and hopefully being excepted to a law school.