Keelin Dowdall was a graduate from SJHS this year, she was a member of the choir, Blues Guys, D.R. team, and many theatres in SJHS. Keelin applied to Laurentian and Trent for Forensic Science, she also applied to Trent for psychology, and she APP,led to Western for Medical Sciences. She had gotten accepted to all but chose Laurentian. 

Keelin is in her first year but she’s in a 4 year honour program. Keelin isn’t very sure of what she’d like to do but is considering being a forensic scientist, a geneticist, or in some field of medicine, she’d like to stay in the north towards Renfrew to work in the community of her hometown. 

During her time in SJHS, she felt very welcome. All the teachers had a different significant impact on her life and she feels it would be unfair to choose one as a favourite. 
“The opportunities I was able to experience at SJHS guided me to decide where I wanted to pursue my education and what educational interest I had in order to figure out who I want to be”, Keelin said. 

During high school, shenworked as a lifeguard and a swim instructor/lifesaving instructor. SJHS taught Keelin to be resilient and work hard to achieve her goals, taught her to be involved in her community, taught her to be a leader, and expanded her understanding of Catholic faith.

Her hobbies and interests now are travelling, singing, drama, photography, outdoor pursuits, and swimming. Keelin seems like a very adventurous person with many talents, I mean, there’s 2 parts of her, she loves singing, drama, photography, then you hear her wanting to be working in a field of medicine! She has so many parts of her that could actually lead to many careers. She has a capability of doing many things and we think it would be great if she worked in the field of medicine, another successful student from SJHS.