Natalie Walters is a graduate from SJHS and she’s working at Renfrew Victoria Hospital and Hospice Renfrew as a registered nurse!!
Natalie applied to Ottawa U, Queens, McMaster, and Western. She graduated in 2015 from a bachelors of science in nursing from McMaster as of that’s the university she chose out of all the universities that she did get accepted to (she got accepted to all). 

Natalie enjoys music and sports as of now, which was continued from SJHS.

Natalie says SJHS is a good size because you could build close friendships with students and staff. She participated in sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball. She enjoyed being apart of the musicals, choir, and quartet. Natalie was involved in lots of things at SJHS like those as said and also student council committees, pastoral committee, and athletic committee. 

Natalie appreciated all of her teachers greatly but she had to point out Mrs. Turcotte because Natalie knew Mrs. Turcotte as a good guide and mentor for a student. She was supportive to Natalie as a friend. 

“I also appreciated Mr. Hali’s style of teaching, he was always willing to go the extra mile and provide several resources to ensure you were on the right track. You couldn’t wipe the smile odd his face if you tried either!”, Natalie said.

“SJHS ensured that I was prepared academically for university”, Natalie said.

During high school, Natalie babysat and worked at NoFrills and thought of it as a good experience for her in the future. Learning to work with others.
Natalie says her life right now is exactly where she intended to be at her age, she is excited for the future.