After Shannon completed two years at Brock University, she realized it wasn’t  the right program for her, she decided to transfer to uOttawa where she is now on her way to complete her fourth year. During her last four years in University she has grown to understand the important of maintaining  balance. Learning this is very helpful as it is teaching her to not only stay focused on her studies but to create time for things that makes her happy. Participating in intramural sports and volunteer committees throughout the school year, as well as spend lots of time with friends and family, is some of the ways that she enjoys to spend her free time. Shannon is currently studying Digital Journalism, and hoping that she will get the chance to work in media after she graduates!

When Shannon was asked about her experience here at Saint. Joes, she only had great words to speak about the school. “My experiences in classes and sports at SJHS definitely provided a very solid foundation to find success at post-secondary school.” Shannon also has some really good advice to students, she feels strongly that every  student to get involved and put yourself out there. “High school is the perfect time to develop amazing leadership and cooperation skills to carry with you the rest of your life. Success comes to those who work for it!”