Brady Ring, who graduated from SJHS in 2011 is wanting to be a chiropractor with his own business. Brady applied to Ottawa U and Brock for physical education, but received a baseball scholarship to school in Pennsylvania, United States. 

Brady graduated last May with a BA in history/political science which was a 4 year undergrad degree. Brady came back to Canada pursuing a BSC degree in Kinesiology at Brock University for one year, however it technically would be his second year. Brady’s hobbies right now include readying, playing guitar, and exercising. 

While Brady was in SJHS, he participated in volleyball, badminton, and soccer. Brady loved his exercise science class, he enjoyed it so much that he took it twice in his 5th year! Mr. Valliquette was Brady’s all-time favourite teacher because he viewed Mr. Valliquette as a role model.

In high school, Brady’s interests were going to the gym and taking a nap when he got home, Brady also worked at a Tim Hortons while in high school. 

“Looking back, SJHS opened up my interest and love for health sciences”, Brady said.

Brady is still at Brock right now and is pursuing his dream to become a chiropractor.