Emma Crozier, a graduate of 2016, who was apart of student council last year, is now majoring in International Communications at York University. 

Emma applied to Carleton, Brock, York, UOIT, and St. Thomas, in which she got accepted to all.  Emma’s program is 4-5 years long and she is currently in her first year. 

“I don’t have a specific career in mind, but I plan on entering the business world after graduating. Probably in print or advertising”, Emma said. 

Emma loved everything about SJHS, she had an incredible experience throughout her time at SJHS. Emma got involved in a lot of sports like soccer, volleyball, basketball, etc. Emma would say she adores Mrs. Pender, Mr. Rowat, and Mr. McMahon. Emma thought of Mrs. Pender as an incredible support system and taught Emma many things inside and outside of the classroom that she valued. 

“Mr. Rowat is a fantastic, dedicated teacher who has provided me with all kinds of knowledge that is helpful in university”, Emma said.

Mr. Mahon is one of Emma’s coaches who she thought of him as the best coach ever.
SJHS helped Emma shape her into the person she is today because she learned to be driven, confident, and that if you apply yourself and get involved you can set yourself up for good experiences. Student council absolutely helped Emma find a personal voice, to work as a team, and encouraged Emma to be creative in her own way.

While Emma was in SJHS, she loved sports, photography, travelling, reading, and meeting new people. Emma doesn’t have a specific career set but she’s leading down the path of business. Emma had mentioned her life is exciting and busy at the moment and she is currently in a whirlwind of midterms, papers, buses, and coffee.