15033749_10154578666055242_195167324_nAfter Julie spent five wonderful yeas at St. Joes, she decide to go off to Nipissing University to take Criminal Justice. Spending four years there and able to graduate with honours from the Criminology stream. Julie worked a bit in her field spending three years as a loss prevention officer, but soon after she had the urge to travel and decide to move to New Zealand. May 2010 she took a flight and was off.

“While in New Zealand I traveled throughout the country, I worked throughout the country and I was even in a 7.1 earthquake plus about 3500 aftershocks.” Julie said.

julieAfter spending a year in New Zealand Julie came back home and got a job at Arnprior Aerospace in finished goods inventory. Five years after working with  AAI, she is now a librarian/admin assistant for engineering. Once a year she tries to go somewhere that she has never been. She has been to so many different places, like our east coast, Yukon, Alaska, Salem, most recently Iceland and she is in the midst of planning her next adventure in Nepal.

Julie Mahusky loved the environment that St. Josephs’ had provided and is always grateful that she was able to be apart of such an amazing community! And of course she had a lot of great times there, and met a lot of great people!