Once Sara had graduated from St. Josephs her career has led her in a straight path to success! First, right after graduating she enrolled in Police Foundation with Algonquin College. Even with her going to school she also  worked as a security guard with Security’s for five years.While being in the Police Foundation, a Psychology class caught her eye, and when she took it she enjoyed it so much that when walking out of the class she left with a 100%. Naturally, after Sara graduated she applied to the Psychology program at Carleton University. About half way through university she was hired by Entrust; one of the companies Sara was a security guard for, as an administrative assistant and from there her administrative career took flight. She was on the land of the government and stayed there until the tough time of austerity and layoffs.

When Sara’s contact unfortunately ended Sara took an aptitude test brought Carleton’s Alumni site which revealed she would be best suited in the financial industry as a financial planner. Now proudly to say, Sara works at Scotiabank, which ever since a young child was always her life-long dream!

Sara says what has led her to her success is the following “well, I’d have to say there are several things involved here. I grew up in poverty with a single mom, and I knew I didn’t want a life like that. Secondly, I always used the resources that were available through my schools such as the career center.” Sara keeps a “vision board” where she keeps all of her set goals and looks over them often. It is a map on where she wants to go in life, and how she can get there. This is a easy way to keep her motivated, and gives her direction.

Sara is resilient, and always believes in herself and those around her to help me get to where she needs to go. St. Joes has helped her as all the staff kept her feet on the ground, helping her to ask for help when she needs to and for her to accomplish where she wants to get without doubts in her mind. Sara is not afraid to ask for help or even to fail, she always says “Change is a good thing, and I’m always willing to take a risk!”