IMG_0970.PNGCaroline Pilon graduated 2009, and soon after became a youth missionary with Regnum Christi in Rye, New York. Being a youth missionary she volunteered with youth groups, high school retreats, missions, and a year to give back to the church. Within that year Caroline’s knowledge in her faith grew and her love for Jesus, but still had a lot of questions.

The time between 2010-2014 she wanted answers to her questions, wanted to learn more about what her faith was. Originally she had decided to become a nurse but later found out that wasn’t the path for her as she hated the sight of blood. Caroline then went to study Theology at Dominican University in Ottawa, now has a bachelor in Theology. Opened her mind to a whole new understanding of her faith.

“I dated several people but was never happy… I then realized I had never discerned religious life… I decided to start visiting sisters of SSVM.” After realizing where she belonged she went to Michigan for summer 2015, volunteering with sisters landscaping. She needed to get a new perspective on life. After she returned back to Canada she got hired as a french kindergarten teacher at Maryvale. Even though she loves kids, teaching wasn’t her passion. She had the desire to do something more related to God, religion, and the church.

Caroline was beaming with excitement when I asked her about her experience at St. Joseph’s, only but positive comments could she say! “The Dominican Republican experience really opened my eyes to the needs of the world that are in front of us. All of the teachers were so encouraging, supportive, and affirmed us.” The grade 9 retreat was something that she will always remember, along with in grade 11/12 Operation Christmas Child and Rosary mass. Caroline was pleased with the good environment to practice faith without judgement.