IMG_0968.PNGAfter leaving St. Josephs High School Quinn Solar decided to pursue his dream of becoming a professional musician. Quinn is a finger-style guitarist, which means that he takes any popular song and arranges it so it can be played on one solo acoustic guitar.  To expand his knowledge on music industry he enrolled in the Music and Digital Media program and St. Lawrence college in Kingston. The program taught him a number of things that musicians should know before entering the field, also the skills that are handy when marketing yourself in video production and photography. Throughout his course he also has the opportunity to take private lessons to enhance your performance on your main instrument. Before going to college he wasn’t a musician who played entirely by ear, but then his knowledge of music theory expanded which helped him in many ways.

Quinn has only positive things to say about St. Joes, one of the thing he commented was “St. Joseph’s has done a great job getting me comfortable on stages with their coffeehouses, Christmas concerts, plays and other events. For that I am thankful.” Since graduating this past summer Quinn has continued to share his music and he is making a lot of good friends along the way!