Peter Vice in Cinque Terre, Italy

  Peter Vice, who graduated in 2013 at SJHS is now currently in his 4th and final year at Trent University studying business administration. Peter Vice was and is a very confident and proud student who graduated from SJHS, and is now studying at Trent University. SJHS had kept Peter very busy, as of there were many fun participation opportunities for him in the school. He was a student athlete who played various sports like volleyball, basketball, soccer, and track and field. He also participated in the student council and musicals. 

  “When you get into post secondary or the work force, work ethic is essentially what is going to make or break you”, said by Peter. 

“Those who work hard will be rewarded, and I think that by being involved in so many things, all the while having a part time job taught me to conquer any obstacles that have gotten in the way of me achieving my goals”.

           When Peter was getting involved in the school, he had gotten to know his teachers better. He knew that if he had a question that his teachers would be more than willing to help him out. Peter’s favourite subject in high school was drama. “I love acting and being open to new and creative ideas”, Peter quoted. SJHS has most importantly helped him build his problem solving skills taught by his teachers.

           Peter stayed a 5th year at SJHS because he was not sure of what he wanted to do. In high school, Peter never took much business courses besides accounting and economics. Peter found an interest in business because he likes creating new ideas and also solving problems so Peter decided to apply to Trent University and Brock University for business administration and Guelph-Humber for tourism management. Peter had gotten accepted to all three, but he chose Trent University and is now on his 4th and final year of business and accounting. Peter has and will be more successful then he already is at Trent University.