Mrs. Sullivan with Sean Mcann (lead singer of Great Big Sea)

A woman who now helps homeless, about to be homeless, and people who are high users of the addiction systems was a graduate from SJHS in 1984, Liana Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan is a very successful alumni from SJHS. She has been married to Martin Sullivan for 28 years and counting. Mrs. Sullivan has a 15 year old daughter who is currently at SJHS and 27 year old son who graduated from SJHS.

 “My mom is a very happy, enthusiastic, and cheerful woman to be around”, told by her daughter.

We have asked Mrs. Sullivan how she would describe herself and her reply was, “Hmm. I’m funny, compassionate, hard-working, and loving. I enjoy life, travelling, and meeting new people. I love seeing people reach their potential”. 

 In May 2017, Mrs. Sullivan is attending CMTC (Canadian Modelling and Talent Convention) as an uprising actor. This could make her life more exciting than it already is as of how successful she has already got.

Mrs. Sullivan stated that her “fave” teachers were Mr. Hickey, Mr. Sklepowitcz, and Mr Keon. Mrs. Sullivan completed addiction specific courses in McMaster University in 1989, located in Hamilton. Mrs. Sullivan received her master of science psychology through California Coast University in 1995. She had gotten her masters degree in 2011. She has all of her certificates displayed in her office as of it makes her see how far she has come to the job she has now.

Mrs. Sullivan has levelled up her job to become a council through working 17 years in outpatient counselling for people who have addictions. She was then community based for 18 months and has been with ASH (Addiction Supportive Housing Program) since 2011. Mrs. Sullivan would be described as one of the most successful students ever since she graduated from SJHS. Mrs. Sullivan has a family of her own now. She is very happy as a councillor, wife, and mother.